We believe….

We believe there is more to modern sexuality edcation than abstinence and disease prevention.

We believe our young people are emotionally intelligent, hungry for information and capable of making choices regarding their sexuality that will reflect wisdom, if supported with honest, comprehensive education.

It is our job to provide parents & educators with the tools to have a meaningful and ongoing conversations with their youth, as well as provide spaces for young people to access extensive, healthy, straightforward information regarding their relationships, health & sexuality.

We achieve these aims in a variety of ways, including workshops for parents and educators, day playshops and mentoring forums for young people.

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Sex, Love & Self Esteem

The guide to courageous conversations

An educational forum for parents of girls of ALL ages.

Your daughter has questions… and she is looking for ANSWERS. The most important question for you is – will she come to YOU for answers, or will she go to the internet?

Come and learn the how, what & when of the most important parenting conversation we have with our girls.

My Body, My Home

A play based workshop for parents & young girls aged 8-12

Come and play with us!

Let us lead you into fun and interactive conversations about anatomy,

pleasure, respect, safety & relationships.

For parents & girls aged 8-12.

Bright, Brave & Bold

A shared learning space for young women aged 13-16 & their mentors

A forum for young women and their mothers.

A place of shared wisdom, honesty & learning. In depth learning

around pleasure, consent, relationship skills,

vulnerability & sexual sovereignty.

Anyone who cares for children should prick up their ears now. The transition from sexually curious child to sexually active teen/young adult has never been more problematic than right now.

Our children have access to graphic material like never before, and this material gives them the wrong idea completely about what sexuality, sexual practice, and relationships mean and entail. The event is facilitated by one of the most aware and beautiful souls it is my honour to know and love – the amazing Lily Isobella.

Together we can look at ways of guiding our precious young people into happy relationships where respect and love share equal billing with physical pleasure.

Tom Rothsey

Father, Nutritional Alchemist

Lily Isobella is a skilled facilitator enabling a group of parents with diverse views and life experience to navigate a sensitive topic with respect and robust discussion. Lily was well researched on her topic, not only with the stats within Australia on rape, porn, and age of loss of virginity, but also about how the education of young people differed across cultures and countries.

We were able to learn about the gaps in our knowledge, and how to sensitively guide our beloved young people through what we hope to be a very special time in their lives – one that has the potential to be very challenging as they begin to really navigate personal boundaries, preferences, love and respect in a very intimate way.

Karen Plumbe

Mother, Medical Program Director

Upcoming workshops….



February 3 – Sex, Love & Self Esteem

May 12 – Sex, Love & Self Esteem

August 4 – Sex, Love & Self Esteem

October 27 – Sex, Love & Self Esteem



June 23: Sex, Love & Self Esteem

September 15: Sex, Love & Self Esteem

November 24: Sex, Love & Self Esteem




March 3: Sex, Love & Self Esteem

June 2: Sex, Love & Self Esteem

September 1: Sex, Love & Self Esteem

November 10: Sex, Love & Self Esteem

How to teach consent – it’s not what you think!

How to teach consent – it’s not what you think!

Consent. It’s a buzz word out there in the world of sex & education. It’s shaping policy, it’s informing teaching guidelines, it’s name is being called out loudly by anyone who wants to be taken seriously in this field. By me included. Because consent is...

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