On the Radio

Every week, our favourite educator, Lily, jumps on air at 2BBB to answer any and all questions concerning sexuality and relationships. And every week she does her best to make her co-host Kye Ruigrok blush outrageously. Have a listen to what happens when the 2 of them get together on a Thursday morning.

Episode One:

Meet Lily Isobella, our head educator, and find out why she is so passionate about quality sexuality education.

Episode Two:

Is it time to cash in your v-card? How will you know and what to do when you think it is?

Episode 3:

What is consent and why is it so damn important?

Episode 4

What are the legal definitions of consent and what does it mean for me?

Episode 5

Do you still require consent in a committed relationship? Hell yes you do. Find out how it can be one of the hottest turn ons ever…

Episode 6

Lily & Kye get to chat to Hannah Reilly from Growing Up Gracefully… from sluts to stardom we cover it all.

Episode 7

Is masturbation good for you? Here are the top 10 reasons why masturbating is good for the guys.

Episode 8

What’s good for the boys is even better for the girls! Need an excuse to get up close and personal with yourself? Here are just a few of them…

Episode 9

Lily goes to Sexpo 17… want to know what happened?