Our courses are built on some underlying foundational assumptions. These are the truths we feel should inform all the conversations we have with our children about sexuality, relationships, consent, safety, self respect & identity.

We believe…

  •     That sexuality is a natural function of being human.
  •     That sexual pleasure is a birthright
  •     That sexual pleasure adds a dimension to the human experience that cannot be replicated or      replaced by any other experience
  •     That safety is fundamental to sexual pleasure
  •     That self-exploration is the cornerstone to sexual pleasure & should be highly encouraged.
  •     That detailed & correct anatomical knowledge is a fundamental requirement to this          exploration
  •   That the choice of gender identity is a fundamental right of all people, one that should be respected and acknowledged.
  •   That youthful curiosity has the power to change the world for the better and should always be fostered, encouraged and met with equal curiosity by adult guardians.

And we know, without doubt, that young people who are treated with the respect they deserve, given the information they are craving and are engaged at a level that is relevant to them, they will make empowering, inspiring choices – with their bodies, and their hearts.