Sex, Love & Self Esteem

The guide to courageous conversations

An educational forum for parents of girls of ALL ages.

Your daughter has questions... and she is looking for ANSWERS. The most important question for you is - will she come to YOU for answers, or will she go to the internet?

Come and learn the how, what & when of the most important parenting conversation we have with our girls.


My Body, My Home

A play based workshop for parents & young girls aged 8-12

Come and play with us!

Let us lead you into fun and interactive conversations about anatomy,

pleasure, respect, safety & relationships.

For parents & girls aged 8-12.


Bright, Brave & Bold

A shared learning space for young women aged 13-16 & their mentors

A forum for young women and their mothers.

A place of shared wisdom, honesty & learning. In depth learning

around pleasure, consent, relationship skills,

vulnerability & sexual sovereignty.